The Story of the Rosenhof in Behringen

The farm was built in 1848. The site and its, not for the area typical architecture, could be referred back to the Mecklenburg area.
In 1910 our relative Friedrich Dieckhoff bought the farm, which had previously been sold 8 times before he took it over. The name “Rosenhof” was given by Mr. Rose who had the farm from 1888 till 1895.
It was difficult for Friedrich Dieckhoff to farm this poor land, with little woods, heather and wasteland, but through hard work he managed to keep
it going and eventually passed the farm on to his daughter Betty, who married the farmer Hermann Albers in 1935. They carried on the farming but also introduced the tourism side in 1965.
1n 1975, Hans-Hermann Albers and his wife Marion took over the farm, due to his Father´s early death. They farmed more intensely and in 1976 the first Farm-Apartments were introduced. In the following years the other 5 farm-apartments were built.
Services, quality and offers were intensified and through the money earnt from the horses, they could develop and invest in the farm.
In 2004 the riding-halls were built and therefore the main interest set for the farm – the horses!
In 2013 Rolf and his wife Steffi took over the management of the farm, and in 2015 sister Lydia took on the main house, with its guest-rooms and the farm-cafe.
Our farm has been through bad times, from poor heather farming, to what it is today.
Our family is very proud of what we have accomplished with this traditional building over so many years.