Breeding stock

For approx. 40 years , and in the 2. generation,  we have been breeding our own Hanoverian horses. These have been tried and tested and are known for having good school and jumping qualities and strong nerves.
We are proud of our breeding results and enjoy watching our foals playing in the paddocks each year.
At this moment, we are working on breeding a Germany Riding Pony.
These are getting more popular as they are ideal for children and shows. Our aim is to breed a reputable, strong nerved and versatile pony that will bring pleasure to its owners.



We also offer external mares the possibility to become their foals in the peace and tranquility of our farm. We have special boxes for this and the mares are kept in small herds.



Every year the our young-horse groups grow-up in large hers and the run of rambling fields all summer long. In the winter they are in open stables.
Whether pony, cold or warm blooded, black, white or spotted, generally all horses are welcome.